Deadspin readers in New York City who like beer, rooftops, bloggers and German things are encouraged to attend a truly magical New Yorkish evening at Gawker HQ's official rooftop in a model-infested section of SoHo. The event is called "Gawktoberfest" ( personally, I prefer "Guten-Blog", but I have no say in such matters) and is made possible by proud Gawker media sponsors Beck's beer.The event begins at 7p.m. next Thursday (Oct. 23rd) and will offer free beer (Beck's?) and food (snausages?) until 10 p.m. I wish everyone could attend, but only a 100 of the most attractive readers from Gawker, Deadspin, and Jalopnik will be randomly selected after they fill out the form after the jump. (Of course!) Unlike the boy in the photo, you must be 21 and over to enter. Readers should also understand that by entering this contest, you become enrolled in the Beck's Key Club, not to be confused with key parties, which usually only occur at non-sponsor affiliated Gawker events. Fill out the form before this Friday at noon or you'll get scurvy and die.