There can only be one, and the Highlanders of the New Jersey Institute of Technology got theirs—their one win in 52 games, breaking a NCAA-record losing streak. Do you believe in miracles?

For reasons that have yet to be explained, NJIT moved up to Division I three years ago and promptly became the worst team imaginable. They went 5-24 their first season and then put up a big donut in 2007-08. But now with a spiffy 1-18 record, they can almost taste that 16 seed! (Just as soon as they get a conference with an automatic bid.)

Sophomore Jheryl Wilson—who had played 47 college games without a win—scored a career-high 26 points as the Highlanders led by an unheard of 16 points at half time. They held off a rally from the 3-16 Bryant Bulldogs and then there was much rejoicing. Not everyone on the court at once, boys. It might not support you all. [Staten Island Advance +]

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In other news:

Virginia Tech 78, Wake Forest 71: Wake's reign as the No. 1 team in the land lasts exactly one game. A lackadaisical performance at home sinks the country's last undefeated team and let's see who is waiting in the wings ... yep, it's Duke. [Rush The Court]


North Carolina 94, Clemson 70: Clemson got steam rolled at North Carolina for the 54th straight time. Fifty four. Even NJIT thinks that embarrassing.

Northwestern 70, Michigan State 63: Grumble, Grumble....

Connecticut 89, Villanova 83: A.J. Price scores a career-high 29 and the Huskies win their sixth-straight to stay in the Big East title hunt.


South Carolina 70, Florida 69: This was fun. Trailing by one with 3.3 seconds left, Mike Holmes and Zam Fredrick caught the Gators napping after a missed free-throw. Holmes grabbed the rebound and threw a perfect strike to Fredrick, who streaked down court, caught the ball in the stride, and laid it in as time expired. If only Sam Bradford had been so accurate.... [Sports Anonymous]

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