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BREAKING: If That's Wrong, We Don't Want To Be Right!

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This just in: You really don't want to mess with Carl Monday.

Mike Cooper, whose "No .... why?" will forever be ingrained into the public consciousness, was arrested today and formally charged with public indecency. All this for a little "grabbing yourself and start having sex."


The tape that [Monday's crew] supplied clearly shows him engaged in a sex act," Berea Police Lt. Gary Black said. "It was pretty obvious to a normal viewer, someone that could have been there It happened to be your camerman that witnessed it and got it on tape."

Man. Good thing his dad isn't a combat vet or anything, or Cooper could be in for a rough time when he gets home.

Lesson once again learned: Carl Monday is someone with whom you should not trifle.


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(We're sorry; we know this is two posts in a row on this. The cyclical nature of breaking news, we're afraid.)


(UPDATE: Oh, and here's your T-shirt link, already. And it's not ours either.)

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