After four months, the NBA lockout is in its dying throes, according to multiple team employees who have been informed by the league that business as usual will resume as early as Monday.

The New Jersey Nets ticket sales office, idle for most of the fall, is holding a series of hastily called meetings today under the theme "Be Ready." One staffer tells us that a department-wide email has been circulated, instructing employees that "it's time to get back to work." The short-staffed 76ers' team office has been told that Monday will be "all hands on deck," as per orders from the league.

As talks enter their third day, progress has already made on salary cap issues and an amnesty clause, and the only major remaining road block is BRI. As of this morning, the two sides were reported to be only 2.5 percent apart. All the employees we spoke to say the mood among their office higher-ups is to expect an agreement to be reached in principle by the end of the weekend, but also that they don't actually know anything because they are in fact low-level team employees. HIT THE SIREN.