Why yes, Shea is from Texas, how did you guess?

About an hour ago, the USMNT and Stoke City winger posted this photo to his Instagram—two guns, stars-and-stripes tanktop, 'Murrika all over.

Then, just a few minutes later, poof. Photo deleted. No explanation given, but Shea was taking a good amount of heat on Twitter, mostly from British people who don't find big guns particularly cool. This also comes a month after Shea posted a photo of a pig's head left in the Stoke City locker room, exposing a prank war that had turned mean-spirited.

Shea's worn out his welcome at Stoke, making just two substitute appearances after joining the club in January. He was recovering from a broken foot, but since-fired manager Tony Pulis appeared to question Shea's fitness.