Bret Boone Will Slide Into Your DMs To Mock Sexual Harassment

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Three-time all-star second baseman Bret Boone, who last played baseball in 2005, appears to have a lot of time on his hands. He spent today flinging himself into a reporter’s Twitter DMs just to make light of the day’s latest allegations of sexual harassment.

This morning Stephen Cohen, a reporter for (and not a sports reporter, mind you), tweeted an innocuous reaction to today’s news that Garrison Keillor was fired by Minnesota Public Radio for “inappropriate behavior.” An hour or so later, Bret Boone was all up in Cohen’s DMs:

“I got sexually harrased twice today. the Starbucks girl smiled at me and the woman at rite aid flirted with me.Im gettin a lawyer, unacceptable. lol”


After Cohen asked him why he thought that was a good or worthwhile thing to send unsolicited, or at all, Boone replied:

“Because it’s a joke and I have no clue who u are,nor do I care.Just sick of all the liberal bs and everyone all the sudden is offended.sorry that bothered u.go back to whatever you do in your pc world,and once again,I apologize if u were offended...You definitely would not be allowed to play golf in my foursome”

“Oops,just happened again,the girl at vons told me to have a good you serious guy.”


Cohen wrote about the interaction, and he admits to being baffled by the whole thing. But he did note that Boone DMed several of Cohen’s colleagues to say he was “being real and telling it like it is.” And then blocked everyone.

Boone’s handing out the DMs and subsequent blocks like candy today. @Jaydestro sends this along:


Bret, my DMs are open.

Update: Boone has apologized.