Brett Favre Is An Even Better Man Than You Think

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Sure, sure, we're all getting a little tired of Brett Favre's retirement talk. But The Hater Nation brings up a legitimate point: What if Favre is going to retire for the most selfless of reasons?

To paraphrase their point: Remember when Barry Sanders retired from the NFL and was praised by some for respecting the memory of Walter Payton by not breaking his record. Well, Brett could very well be doing the same thing for George Blanda. Favre, heading into the season, is a mere 22 interceptions from tying George Blanda's all-time interception mark. The way Favre has been playing the last few seasons, you'd be hard-pressed to think he couldn't obliterate that mark.


This is not about Favre being indecisive, or even stepping away from the game he loves. It's about Favre not wanting to disrespect the legacy of George Blanda. We salute you, Brett!

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