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2005 wasn't an easy year for Brett Favre. It started off with that whole Javon Walker contract dispute, then detriorated into a miserable season in which basically his whole team got injured, his coach got fired and more insistence from NFL fans that he just hang it up. And in the middle of all that turmoil, it turns out some dude from Phoenix was racking up $10,000 worth of credit card charges in Favre's name.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office said William J. Joachim, 35, was arrested on four felony charges of theft, fraud schemes, aggravated taking the identity of another and misconduct involving weapons. Two other men were arrested in the case and booked into the Maricopa County jail on forgery charges as well. Arizona authorities received information from the NFL last month that Favre's credit card account was "comprimised" and that 40 unauthorized transactions were made in Maricopa County.

40?! Honestly, we're not the best at keeping track of our credit card bill either, but that's something we'd hopefully notice. But again this is another testament to Favre's amazing focus during the season. Hey, the guy just likes to have fun out there.

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