Brett Hull Drunkenly Encourages St. Louis Crowd To Start A "We Went Blues" Chant

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The annual tradition of hockey players attempting to stretch the physical limits of their livers continued today in St. Louis with the Blues parading the Stanley Cup throughout the city amongst a raucous fan base. While there were plenty of clips of hockey players drinking the way hockey players tend to in these celebratory moments, it was a former player who ended up stealing the show and his name is Brett Hull.

Hull, who played for the Blues from 1988 to 1998 and now serves as the team’s executive vice president, took the stage and had a few things to say—as the drunk uncle of any family gathering is wont to do. The first standout moment of Hull’s message to the public was trying to get the fans to reconsider a new approach to cheering for the team now that they’ve ended the 52-year championship drought. Consider this: instead of saying “Let’s go Blues!” try “We went Blues!” because there’s nowhere for them to go since the team has reached the apex of the sport. Makes sense, right? No? Well too bad, it makes sense to Brett.


It doesn’t really seem like the crowd went along with Hull’s hype tactics, so you’ve got to commend the 54-year-old(!) for keeping the bit going as long as possible until he, and he alone, decided it was time to stop.

Hull didn’t lose the crowd for long, however. After some awkward pauses where it seemed like he was fading in and out of the universe where the rest of us reside in, he quickly turned to a fan-favorite.


Okay, so “quickly” wasn’t exactly the right word to describe that pacing, but he got there eventually! Shine on, Brett.