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Brett Phillips, the Brewers’ 21-year-old outfielder, won’t make the big club out of camp, though as one of the franchise’s better prospects, it wouldn’t be crazy to see him come up later this year. In the meantime he’s here to get better, and to show coaches what he can do, and maybe some other baseball stuff. He’s really here for everyone to marvel at his bizarre laugh. Like pitcher Will Smith in the above video, telling a series of dad jokes, all of which cause Phillips to lose it.


Yahoo’s Tim Brown caught up with Phillips (fun fact: at home he goes by “Maverick,” his middle name, but he’s going to wait a while before asking baseball to call him that), and it’s worth reading if you want to know about the man behind the laugh. Or if you just want to know about the laugh.

“It’s been there my whole life,” he says.


“I’ve tried to keep it hidden as long as possible. [The Brewers] caught wind of it and seem to try and bring it out every day now. Which is out of control.”

He laughs, but not that laugh, though a handful of nearby Brewers glance over in case it goes full-blown.

“Class was probably the biggest issue,” he says. “If I started laughing everyone would be laughing. It would be kind of a couple-minute excursion. And the teacher would be like, ‘All right, Phillips, we need you to take some time out of the classroom.’”

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