Brewers' Racing Sausage Thieves Took Their Prize On A Boozy Bender

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More details about the recent theft of Guido the Italian Sausage have emerged, and they come courtesy of those who carried out the heist. Ted Berg of USA Today Sports received a message from the sausage thieves, and under the condition of maintaining their anonymity, they told him all about the great sausage heist of 2013.

Six residents of Cedarburg and nearby Mequon, Wis. ranging in age from 26 to 55—five women and one man—collaborated on the heist. Feeling "over-served and underappreciated," the Brewers fans left a fundraiser at the new Cedarburg location of Milwaukee's Curling Club with the sausage costume for a night out on the town on Feb. 16.

Fueled by "two bottles of Cedar Creek's finest wine," the instigator said she "put it on, stood by the door, and ducked out. Then ran full speed to the car."

From there, the group went to T.J. Ryan's bar "for some PBR's" then "off to the [Cedarburg] Roadhouse to jam with the band, then home for a night cap."


They also sent along a plethora of photos depicting their night of debauchery with Guido. Here's Guido jumping in on an impromptu jam session:


Be sure to check out the whole sordid tale. Go for the pictures of Guido dancing, stay for the puntastic ransom note.

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