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Brian Bosworth Was Probably A Shitty Landlord

The Boz, as he is affectionately known to people from the early nineties who loved mullets and C action films, is being sued for some sort of septic system gone awry in a mansion he owned as recently as 2009. Let's just table the outright absurdity of Brian Bosworth actually owning a mansion in 2009 (and that mansion being featured in The O.C.—miss you, Summer!) for the time being and dive into the limited and murky details available via TMZ. There was a poop system disaster. In a mansion owned by Bosworth. Previously featured on The O.C.

Bosworth rented the mansion out to a firm called Grasshopper House, LLC and sometime between 2008 and 2009, the septic system crapped out, requiring repairs and such extensive damage to some rooms that the company was unable to use them and therefore missed out on some rent. Grasshopper is now suing Bosworth to recover for the repairs ($50,000) and missing rent ($150,000).


Welcome to the O.C., Boz (at least you're not dead like most of us assumed).

Brian "The Boz" Bosworth Sued Over Poop System Disaster In Mansion From The "O.C." [TMZ]

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