Yankees GM Brian Cashman is well aware of how old and bad his team is, and now it looks like he's starting to get a bit desperate. While speaking to reporters at spring training today, Cashman made it known that he wants to bring Chipper Jones out of retirement to play for the Yanks. The only problem is that Cashman doesn't have Jones's phone number:

Sitting in the dugout before the Yankees’ exhibition game with the St. Louis Cardinals, Cashman confirmed to three reporters that he asked Derrek Lee to come out of retirement, and then said he would be just as happy to sign Chipper Jones, who retired last year after 19 years with the Braves.

But Cashman said he did not have a working telephone number for Jones’s agent, B.B. Abbott, so he told the reporters they could report his interest through Twitter as a way of letting Jones know, even though Cashman was almost 100 percent certain that Jones would turn him down.

“Get it out there,” Cashman said. “I would sign him in a heartbeat. He can play third base, first base, D.H. He would be perfect.”

You might want to ease back on that plan, Brian. It looks like Chipper Jones is getting fat again.