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Mary Cashman filed papers in Stamford, Connecticut Superior Court yesterday after the latest in the Yankee GM's para-familial activities became public. The filing comes just days after Louise Meanwell—currently living it up on Rikers Island because she could not post bail—was arrested for stalking Brian Cashman.

Mary Cashman, who has now endured two publicly humiliating allegations of her husband's philandering, has been living apart from Brian Cashman in the family's $3.7 million Darien mansion with the kids, sources said.

She hired top divorce counsel Gaetano Ferro, who repped Jane Welch during her half-billion-dollar split from former GE boss Jack Welch.


The papers filed on behalf of Mary Cashman described the relationship as "broken down irretrievably." She has requested permanent alimony, a split of their property and joint custody of their two children. Since the Cashmans have been separated and living in different residences for some time, we're guessing these most recent revelations finally gave Mary Cashman enough ammo to make it official.

Wife of Yankees GM files for divorce after latest cheating allegations [NY Post]

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