Dear Brian Cashman, I Am Wearing Your Pajama Pants In Your Mistress's Living Room

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Back in October, Deadspin acquired photos that showed Brian Cashman, general manager of the Yankees, meeting with an alleged girlfriend in February 2009. Soon after that story ran, we were tipped off that Cashman, still married to his wife of 16 years, had ended that particular affair but had since moved on to another mistress.


In October, I reached out to the second woman and she (along with Cashman) insisted that their relationship was strictly platonic. But last week, this other-other woman—who insists on only being called "Lou"—reached out to me again to explain that she had carried on an extramarital affair with Cashman since last April. Things had soured.

"Fuck him," she said Tuesday night, when we met at her Manhattan apartment. "I'm finished with him destroying my life and his family."


Lou claimed that Cashman is still married to his wife, Mary, but that the two have lived in separate residences since 2009—the wife in Darien, Conn., and Cashman in an apartment in Rowayton. As their affair progressed, Lou said, she planned on moving to Connecticut to be closer to Brian, but only on the condition that he legally separate from Mary.

That never happened. Lou became increasingly frustrated. She said that she called Brian's wife a few days ago and told her about their affair.

At our interview Tuesday night, after Lou shared voicemails and text messages she'd received from Cashman over the past few months—

—she detailed the story of their affair. She said that Cashman visited her apartment a couple of times each week, and that he set aside tickets for her in Yankee Stadium's family section (284F see photo here) for most of last season. Cashman has met some of her friends. They've been spotted bopping around various bars and restaurants in Tribeca—he's a "lightweight" of a drinker, she said. He sometimes took the on the alias "Steve" to ward off any Yankee fans who recognized him. They watched The Hangover Part II together. ("It was the first time he'd seen a he-she," Lou mused.) He even wrote her a recommendation letter:


She showed me the black American Essentials pajama bottoms (size: medium; game-worn) that Cashman had purchased at T.J. Maxx so he'd be more comfortable during their sleepovers. Finally, she showed me the orange toothbrush he kept in her bathroom.

And then she took my photograph.

There is much more to Lou's story, including some of the Yankee-related conversations she had with Cashman throughout last season. ("He was really pissed at Jorge Posada," she said at one point Tuesday. "He said Jorge was acting like a spoiled brat.")


We'll share more with you in the coming weeks. To be continued ...