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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Brian Kelly Gets The U Mad Bro? College GameDay Sign Treatment

If Notre Dame's coach is mad, bro, Kirk Herbstreit ain't sayin', bro. Also, this:

10:15 a.m.: As Erin Andrews and David Pollack worked onstage about a half an hour before ESPN's regular College GameDay crew retook the set, an Ohio native walked past a group of young Michigan fans lining a railing near the set. While he greeted the fans with a warm smile and a few fist bumps, the boys exchanged collective blushes and a few star-struck grins.

"Sweet!" one kid said to the other.


Fans starstruck as ESPN's College GameDay crew arrives [Detroit Free Press] (Photo H/T tipster C Greiwe)


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