Brian Urlacher Agrees With America, Says Colin Kaepernick "Fucking Played Well"

The quarterback controversy is underway in San Francisco after quarterback Colin Kaepernick's superb performance last night against Chicago, one that brought praise even from Bears All-Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher.


It was Kaepernick's first career start, serving in the place of Alex Smith who this morning is still suffering post-concussion effects. Kaepernick threw for a modest 243 yards and two touchdowns, while shepherding the 49ers offense on several long, clock-eating drives. When asked afterward if Kaepernick had proven himself worthy of the starter's role, Jim Harbaugh provided a characteristic non-answer:

Kaepernick's been solid in previous appearances as Smith's backup (35-54 overall, with no interceptions) and upcoming appearances against the Saints and Rams should allow the second-year QB some room to breathe if Harbaugh sends him out on the field again; of course, Harbaugh's choice becomes a bit easier if Smith's alleged blurred vision, headaches and nausea continue. [ESPN]

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