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Former Philadelphia Eagles special-teamer Jason Short spoke to NBC's Out Of Bounds about things he remembers from his playing days like concussions, wedge-busting, Iggles fans, concussions, Sean Morey's concussions, and concussions. But one section about T.O. is pretty hilarious.

Some of you may remember the infamous Terrell Owens/Hugh Douglas tussle, which came during the last, merciful days of T.O.'s time as an Eagle. Short was present the day Douglas decided to make Owens atone for his mouth.


Here's his recollection:

If you remember at one time him and Hugh Douglas got into a fight, not in the locker room, but in the room where they had the underwater treadmill. They got into it and all of a sudden you see T.O. hitting the button and he's rising out of the water and when he gets out they start getting into it. They were about to fight and T.O. goes, "Let me go get my shoes."

It was about to be on, man! It was so hilarious!

Okay, that's just amazing. I don't think I'll ever be able to erase the image in my head of Owens slowly "rising out of the water" from the underwater treadmill to confront an enraged Douglas and then delivering the Eastwood-like "Let me go get my shoes..." line. Published reports about the fight say both men landed a couple of punches before T.O. got all "ANYBODYELSEWANTSOME?!?" to his teammates before things settled down. With Short's version, you have to wonder if T.O. would have been brave enough to take on all of his teammates had he been barefoot.

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