News and notes from Week 3 in the NFL ...

• At this point, it seems obvious to everyone, presumably even Lovie Smith: Rex Grossman isn't going to cut it anymore. A normal person might have realized this after he, you know, fell apart in the Super Bowl — the Super Bowl! — but sometimes that sample size just ain't big enough. But now, at last, we know: It's Kyle Orton time, everybody.

• The general consensus heading into this season is that the Chargers would dominant the regular season schedule and then collapse in the playoffs. Norv Turner should be so lucky! To be fair, it's difficult for anyone to overcome the perpetual heroism of Brett Favre, and it's cute that Norv even tried.

• Imagine how much praise Donovan McNabb would be receiving this morning if he were white.

• We enjoyed Peter King being a voice of reason in a world of insanity on "Football Night In America" last evening, pointing out that Matt Leinart will remain the Buzzsaw quarterback despite Kurt Warner's "holy crap, that looks like Kurt Warner!" moments yesterday. It's nice to see Kurt back, actually. But no wife-in-the-crowd shots, alas.


• Some kudos, actually, to the Texans, most of whom limped off the field before finally succumbing to the Colts yesterday. We continue to have Texans fever, and if you don't stop scratching, it will never go away.

• We do find it amusing, actually, that Kurt Warner looked like he could still play yesterday, while Marc Bulger looked washed up. Football doesn't make any sense sometimes.

• The Patriots keep scoring 38 points every game. That should end next week: They play the Bengals, and should put up a ton more.