Korey Smith sent home a stoppage-time winner for Bristol City to give his club a 2-1 win over Manchester United in the League Cup quarterfinals today. Although United can mostly shrug off this defeat in a relatively unimportant competition, the Bristol fans at Ashton Gate won’t forget their night for a long, long time.

The actual goal video is above, but much more entertaining is everything that happened off the pitch, as well as the celebration that followed the final whistle:

The top three highlights are, in descending order, this guy yelling “Come On You Reds” directly into the camera:

This grown fan kissing Korey Smith (even though you should never do this to anyone):


And even though it happened just before the game ended, Bristol manager Lee Johnson picking up and twirling the ballboy like they’re in a musical:


Next up, in January, Bristol City gets to try this again in a two-leg semifinal battle against the superior Manchester team—Man City. Thankfully, Bristol will host the second of those two legs, setting the stage for another party if they somehow manage another upset.