Brit Olympics Hero Jessica Ennis Leaves Kate Middleton Hanging On Awards-Show Handshake, Sparks National Outrage

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The BBC's Sports Personality Of The Year awards were televised today, with special guest presenter the Duchess of Cambridge in her first public appearance since being hospitalized with severe morning sickness two weeks ago. The drama of a pregnant Kate's emergence became multiplied, though, when SPOTY runner-up and London Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis didn't return Middleton's offered handshake onstage. It sparked literally tens of thousands of tweets about Ennis's scandalous spurning.


To us, it looks like Ennis simply has her hands full with the trophy and can't see Kate offering her hand. (We find the presence of what might be the UK's three most gorgeous people—host David Beckham standing nearby—occupying the same stage to be far more interesting.) Too, it says something that a star athlete winning her home country's first track gold medal could only manage second place; Tour de France champ Bradley Wiggins took home the BBC's top honor (yes, he also won London Olympic gold). But here it is, for your perusal. Does Ennis spurn Kate's offered handshake? [BBC]