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Brook Lopez Is The Real Mr. Big

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My wife dragged me to see Cirque du Soliel this weekend, so maybe I'm still a little confused by the fact that I actually kind of liked it. But is it wise for Brook Lopez to say what he's really thinking while talking to Sports Illustrated?


In a recent Pop Culture Grid segment, the clean-cut and more offensively polished Lopez brother spilled his guts, confessing that his favorite HBO series was Sex and the City, and comparing himself to a lazy cartoon bear. In addition, when asked which singer he'd most like to be a roadie for, Lopez came up with.... Michael Jackson. I'm not going to delve into the subtext of that choice, other than to say that he redeemed himself pretty well by also choosing Jessica Simpson as his Ultimate Red Carpet Date.

Still... the combined admiration for Carrie Bradshaw and Jacko paints a disturbing self-portrait.

Y'all Should See What We Do in the Front Yard. West Virginia 76-Pitt 62. Tonight, Bob Huggins wore some kind of giant flower in his lapel, continuing his bid to be the most unusually dressed coach in the Big East. Something must have been pollinated correctly, because the Mountaineers rolled to victory in a very loud Coliseum. Junior Forward Joe Alexander had by far his best game of the season, putting up 32 points and taking down 10 rebounds to move WVU to a slightly classier section of the bubble, without so many rusted-out cars and abandoned refrigerators.

Hey, Pops. Why Don't You Have a Seat? Kansas109 - Texas Tech 51. In the service of irony, I should mention that tonight was KU's Senior Night. But this beatdown got out of hand so fast that Kansas' walk-ons and freshmen got more PT than they've had all season long. Jayhawk frosh Cole Aldridge (11 points, 11 rebounds) gave Kansas fans a glimpse of the future with his first collegiate double-double. The guy from Knight School got on the floor for Texas Tech, but seemed to be blissfully unaware that the team was running offensive and defensive plays that he was expected to participate in.

Tonight's Big Games

Before I get to the big game, I need to show you the WTF? Game of the Night. Apparently, the Marquette Golden Eagles feel they've had enough of that pesky Big East race for now, because they've scheduled 10-20 Florida Gulf Coast as their sparring partner for this evening. The A-Sun tournament starts tonight, but FGC is a provisional member and not eligible this season. Try not to strain anything there, fellas.


Now for the good stuff, or as close as we can get right now:

Purdue (23-6) at Ohio State (17-12). I'm only mentioning this game because some people continue to insist that the Buckeyes have a shot to return to el tournamente grande. Reality says that both of last season's dance marathon finalists are suffering the big-time hangover this time around. Call me next year when Kosta Koufous is a little more polished.


Arkansas (19-9) at Mississippi (19-9). I know which kind of 19-9 I'd rather be. Arkansas has an 8-6 SEC record, including a fresh win at Vanderbilt. Ole Miss is 5-9, featuring bad losses to LSU and South Carolina, as well as a season sweep at the hands of Auburn. This is why they always tell us not to get excited until the conference season starts...

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