BrooklyKnight Is Dead And Never Coming Back

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BrooklyKnight, one of the more extraneous, inappropriate, and unspellable mascots in all of sports, has been euthanized at his home above a transit hub. It was two years old. It lived too long. It will not be missed.

Grantland's Zach Lowe broke the news last night, and the Nets confirmed this morning.


BrooklyKnight was a bad thing who missed dunks and looked cheap and scared children and stole a porn star's name and really impressed Kris Humphries. It was co-created by Marvel Comics, making it a close cousin to the NHL Guardian Project, and it was somehow worse than all of those put together.


BrooklyKnight was made of metal but also carried a shield.

Please enjoy the final page of the BrooklyKnight introductory comic book. (The entire issue can be found at The Brooklyn Game.) Goodbye, BrooklyKnight. Burn in hell.