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Illustration for article titled The Brooklyn Nets New Mascot Basically Has The Same Name As A Porn Star

When the Nets left New Jersey, they left their old mascot, Sly, a wolf or rabbit or something, in New Jersey, along with Shawne Williams and the ghost of Kerry Kittles. The arena is new, the location is new, the mascot is new: the Nets now have BrooklyKnight (spelled like that, pronounced "Brooklyn Knight," or "Brooklyn Night," if you will). That's the same name a musician named Sene. (spelled like that, with the period) used for a song recently and he's not thrilled about the overlap. But there may be a bigger problem afoot: if the Nets want young fans to Google their fun new mascot, BrooklyKnight-and hey, they commissioned a comic book for his introduction and everything, that's what mascots are for-they'd better hope those kids are careful spellers with strict safety settings on their computers.


If not, they may encounter the phonetically identical Brooklyn Night, an actress from Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are a few of her most recent credits, via IMDB:

Black in the Crack 4

Knocked Up & Naughty 2

Sweet & Nasty Teens

10 Man Cum Slam 23

And so on. While the Nets aren't the first to go with a name close to hers-a bar in Clinton Hill calls itself Brooklyn Nights-the Google image results show no bars, and suggest that either a production company or her adoring fans have kept Ms. Night a favorite of search engines. Spelling the mascot's name as "BrooklyKnight" may have been a preemptive method of keeping the star of Super Whores 9 away from young, impressionable eyes. Another method that could have worked would have been naming the mascot something that isn't a letter away from a porn star's name. Team rebranding is always a learning experience. - Isaac Rauch, h/t Charles


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