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Davis Massey is 11 and his brother Hanks is 9. If you really want to piss off your golfing friends, forward this link along to everyone who golfs and has never hit a hole-in-one. Which is basically everyone. Then ask, did you ever get a hole in one before? That question infuriates golfers. And now two brothers do it back-to-back? At TPC Sawgrass no less. What are the odds?

Well, thankfully, the Florida Times-Union found out.

The odds of two players in the same group making a hole-in-one have been estimated at 17 million-to-1 by Francis Scheid, a retired Boston University math professor who was commissioned by Golf Digest to calculate hole-in-one odds under various scenarios. The odds for a PGA Tour player have been pegged at 3,700-to-1 and a handicap golfer at about 13,000-to-1.

The odds at hitting the big prize in the Florida Lottery are about 22 million-to-1. Various Internet sites put the odds at being struck by lightning in Florida at 240,000-to-1 or being bit by a shark at 11 million-to-1.


The only thing better would have been if they both got hole-in-ones at the Island Green. Then we could all quit golfing.

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