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Browns [Fans] are the new Bengals

Success is not always measured in wins and losses: "Though the Browns still have one more home game remaining, you all can take pride in the fact that you actually topped last year’s production! While the win total may not have exactly - you know - improved, one metric of team “success” did: fan arrests." [WaitingForNextYear]

Humility, thy name is this douchebag: The important thing here, is that he knows he's an über douche. [The Big Lead]


These are your instructions: The front-office for the Utah Jazz apparently gives its players a script when dealing with the media. [NBA FanHouse]

What the holidays are all about: Big Ben, "Neutered Balls", and you. [Mondesi's House]

Is Brady Hoke the Right Man for the Job at San Diego State?: In short, no. [SoCal Sports Club]

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