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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Photo: Eric Christian Smith/AP
Photo: Eric Christian Smith/AP

The Cleveland Browns, who are once again a plague upon this green Earth, have spent the season flipping back and forth between a trio of QBs of varying mediocrity. DeShone Kizer, Kevin Hogan, and Cody Kessler have teamed up to throw seven touchdowns and 17 picks for a team that only figures to have more trouble protecting them going forward thanks to ironman Joe Thomas’s injury. The only thing this shit sandwich had been missing was some good old fashioned off-field drama.

Until this weekend, when Kizer was spotted at a Cleveland bar and ... well, that’s it, he just went to the bar. Cleveland 19 obtained Snapchat video of Kizer talking to Travis Kelce around 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Apparently, Kizer was there with several Browns teammates and Cleveland natives Kelce and Kareem Hunt, and was never shown drinking.

Despite the tame video evidence, Kizer—who posted a QBR of 17.5 before being replaced on Sunday—apologized on Monday for appearing to not take his job seriously. He didn’t break any team rules or miss curfew (although Corey Coleman and Kenny Britt were there and had been sent home a week earlier for missing curfew in Houston), yet he and coach Hue Jackson sounded Very Serious and aware of the dangers of creating a Distraction:

“When you become the centerpiece of a distraction for a week, it definitely is very frustrating on my part,” Kizer said one day after the Browns lost for the seventh time in seven games this season. “That is not who I am. My mother wouldn’t be proud of this. That is pretty much the biggest takeaway is do whatever you can to make sure that you are not a distraction.”


“I think everybody has to be careful, not just DeShone, not just the quarterback. I think all of our players do,” Jackson said. “Just because I think those are the things that become headlines more so than what is really the issue [that] we have to play football better.”

In football news, Jackson also said he was still deciding who to start in London this weekend against the Vikings.

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