Bruins Rookie Follows "Adult Massage" Girls On Twitter Before Road Trip

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David Pastrnak, a talented winger taken in the first round by Boston last summer, is already making an impact with the big club. The rookie has 15 points in 24 games since being recalled on Jan. 8, and has slotted in nicely in the Bruins' top six. He's also just 18 years old, and someone needs to show him how to find girls on the road without broadcasting it to the world.

Reader Ryan said to check out Pastrnak's most recent Twitter follows. Here's a screengrab in case they disappear:


You will note that both Jessica and Megan offer "full-body sensual massage" (and more) in the Ottawa area, and happy to come to your hotel. Where are the Bruins playing tonight? Ottawa.

(We don't know exactly when Pastrnak followed them, but it was within the last week. The follows are chronological, and all have come since he followed Brett Connolly, who joined the Bruins at the trade deadline.)


This is not nearly as blatant as, say, Carlos Martinez's wall of porn, but it's still pretty funny. Maybe this is on David Krejci, Pastrnak's linemate and boyhood idol, to take him aside and show him how Twitter works.

At least Pastrnak got around to following the NHL's account before he made plans for Ottawa.