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Bruins vs. Tigers, 6:28 First Half

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Hey, sweet commercial. Someone asks Spike Lee who he'd have a beer with if he could have a beer with anyone, and it's a nice little tribute to Jackie Robinson. Apparently, the commercial is for beer. Not any particular beer, just... beer in general.

Tyrus Thomas gets an and-one, as LSU now seems to want to work the ball down low.


LSU, down 9, is going zone and looking for a defensive spark. They're on pace to give up over 80 points right now. They might want to stop turning the ball over, too. Just something to think about.

A steal and a quick jumper for UCLA. They're just the far superior team right now. Man, if both of these games are blowouts, I feel sorry for that bottle of cheap vodka in my kitchen right now.

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