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Bruins vs. Tigers, Halftime

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Uh oh. Big Baby's practically begging John Brady to take him out of the game. He can't keep up with the pace. Things really couldn't be going worse for the Tigers.

It's 31-17. Ben Voogd, LSU guard, has 3 turnovers and is short one vowel in his last name. Billy Packer just said he's simply not capable of playing in a game at this level. Ouch. Garrett Temple remains on the bench with two fouls.


Speaking of Billy Packer, a tipster notes that Packer continually refers to Glen "Big Baby" Davis as "Big Daddy."

Nantz shares a bizarre story about LSU head coach John Brady's daughters going to school with Glen Davis, thus, giving him a recruiting advantage. Maybe it's just me, and my mind's warped, but I was thinking that Nantz was implying that the daughters were giving up some... well, nevermind. That's just not approrpiate.

UCLA leads by 16, 35-19. LSU desperately needs a little spurt before the half.

Well, they didn't. The lead is 15. John Brady might want to get his daughters to work some magic at halftime.

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