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Bryce Harper Drags Foot Through "A" Behind Home Plate In Turner Field

Bryce Harper trolled the Atlanta Braves and their fans last night by swiping the dirt "A" behind home plate at Turner Field with his cleat. As he approached the plate on at least two at-bats, Harper seemed to intentionally drag his foot across the stylized "A", trying to ruin it.


Braves fans booed Harper each time he approached the plate and this was taken to be his response. The Atlanta broadcast crew picked up on it each time, though there is some question if he did it a third time.

"Harper, now [in] two at-bats has done the same thing as he makes his way to the left-hand batters box," Atlanta's television play-by-play man said during Harper's second at-bat. "Watch what he does when he gets to the 'A' behind home plate."

"Just endears himself to more Braves fans," quipped the color man.

Harper, for his part, denied that he did anything of the sort, saying "[t]hat's the last thing on my mind when I'm coming to the plate. I have no idea." The Braves, however, thought otherwise.

Image via WaPo

Bryce Harper drags foot through Braves logo, making Braves fans real mad [WaPo]

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