Bryce Harper grew up a Yankees fan, for no reason other than (some people think) he's kind of a dick. One would assume he'd have put those loyalties away after being drafted by the Nationals, but the drama of a winner-take-all game 5 proved to be too much.

Nats Enquirer grabbed a few screenshots of Harper cheering for the Yankees and CC Sabathia on Twitter last night, but either Nationals PR or Harper's handlers were watching. A few Tweets were taken down, and in their place, an explanation:

I love my Nationals, but if I'm going to root for a team in the post-season its going to be the Yanks!

I ask you, Nationals fans, how does it feel to know your megaprospect's heart will never be fully with the team? It shouldn't bother you. It's unrealistic to think that any major leaguer didn't watch the game growing up, and didn't have a favorite team. Right now, at least 38 players on your 40-man roster probably spent their formative years dreaming of playing somewhere else. And that's okay! It's a job they're doing. They're professionals. Bryce Harper isn't going to slack off just because he's got a W on the cap. He's not going to intentionally ground out when he faces the Yankees in interleague play. He's just got a big mouth, and made the mistake of acknowledging a truth about rooting interests we all like to ignore.

Then he retweeted this. It's unforgivable.