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Bryce Harper Will Cruelly Reclaim His Outfield Spot From Young Victor Robles

The Washington Post reported today that Bryce Harper will be activated Monday after missing 40 games due to an injured WHOA HEY VICTOR ROBLES DID SOMETHING.

This was Robles’s second outfield highlight of the game after he ran down a Jose Reyes fly ball and caught it while crashing into the wall in right. This one, though, this is the one that makes your heart go pitter patter. Robles is touted as a four-and-a-half tool outfield prospect: we’ve seen the speed (two of his four hits in the majors have been triples); we’ve seen the defensive range; we’ve gotten a glimpse of his hitting prowess as a prospect; now we’ve gotten a look at that cannon arm. That is a hell of a throw!


Robles will have to get his chances elsewhere if Harper is, in fact, brought back into the fold tomorrow. The Nats will want to give Harper a chance to get back up to speed before the playoffs, a condition he shares with Washington’s other regular corner outfielder, Jayson Werth. But it’s been an exhilarating couple of weeks watching Robles fly around like a bat out of hell during his first stint in the majors. It’s not out of the question that he could’ve played his way into a playoff roster spot.

Fine, fine, Nationals fans will settle for Bryce Harper. He’s okay, I guess.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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