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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bubba Watson Involved In Menacing Late-Night Car Chase

Illustration for article titled Bubba Watson Involved In Menacing Late-Night Car Chase

So this is a weird one, and it's from Ohio. Bubba Watson was in Columbus this week for the Memorial Tournament—a tournament for which he did not make the cut. But he has a pretty good excuse: for 37 minutes Tuesday night, some unknown driver chased a car carrying Watson, his wife and newly adopted child.

"A car chased me," he said after a 74 in Friday's second round at the Memorial. "Angie was driving. She had to pull over. I switched to driving so I could drive through someone's yard if I had to. But we had to drive away from our house, the house we rented. We drove for 37 minutes."

Watson called his caddie, Ted Scott, hoping that Scott could intercept the pursuing car.


Watson and his family were on their way home from a Christian music concert he hosted that evening before the night turned in to something out of a Steve McQueen film or, you know, something out of a T.V. show.

Florida may have the market cornered on straight up insanity, but Ohio is making a valiant effort to keep up in the creepy department. Unfortunately, Bubba is taking this as a sign to redouble his efforts to find a new Florida. Don't do it, Bubba—that's exactly what they want you to do.


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