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Buckeye Voices: "You Guys Remind Me Of Some Tackhead Teenage Broads With Tissue Stuffed In Their Bras"

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On Monday, as Jim Tressel announced his resignation, we brought you Buckeye fans' rage-filled tweets at Ray Small. They were so angry at Small for speaking to the Ohio State student paper, The Lantern: He told them that some players "don't even think about [NCAA] rules."

Well, the vest zealots who attacked Small evidently figured they might as well shoot the messenger, too.


ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski wrote about Zack Meisel, the Lantern's editor in chief who reported the Small story, and the reader mail he received. He wrote, "An emailer wrote Meisel and predicted that The Lantern editor and [James] Oldham [the story's coauthor] were the most likely candidates to be found dead in the nearby Olentangy River."

Not all the emails were that morbid, though. Here are some sillier highlights, courtesy of Meisel:

Hey zac,

I just wanted to let you know your a coward and a traitor. Journalistic integrity........ Haha what a bunch of bullshit, you liar and coward, You are a fascist pig who spreads propaganda. You do no reporting but propaganda, you should probably drop out of school because obviously you have done nothing worthy of honor or praise, instead you have ruined a man's career who you did not even care to know or fully understand, instead you just like any E-news piece of shit just dig and dig and dig until you find something remotely dark and than you blow it up until it ruins a man. You are no man, nor a human, I question your existence as an alien because no man would be as half-witted as you. If you respect yourself as a human than I give you credit because no human would do that. Seriously a man trying to report the news is different than a man spreading propagandist bullshit like you have done the last couple of months. WAKE UP. I want you to know this is not a threat but this is a public service announcement for you to stop your lies and WAKE up to reality instead of lying to get ahead in your career. You my sir, are not worthy of my respect nor any man who goes to this university. Good luck and God bless

Nick G.

ZACH & JAMES - Breaking News! You are dirty traitors! Not a buckeye, but greedy pricks looking for some attention and Pub. So Lame! I could see if the information came to you...But you seeked it out like a gossip hungry teenage girl on her period. How could you even say " the feeling on campus is that it would all just stop", yet you and your shitty paper are trying your best to add fuel to the fire! You are supposed to be The Students Voice, so instead of assisting in tearing down the Football program even further,try finding some positive stories about players who are doing great things for their community and with their lives. You guys remind me of some tackhead teenage broads with tissue stuffed in their bras. I hope and wish all the worst for you and whoever else assisted you in your so called "Story". -Straghit Bitch Move-

And Meisel received some playful tweets, too:

ThaWarMachine: @ZackMeisel...Meisel the weasel. You should take a few moment out of your day to go fuck yourself. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame douchebag

amk984: @ZackMeisel nice hack piece you fucking cunt. be ready to get your ass beat on campus you punk bitch

dannydavid: @ZackMeisel doing your job? you mean trying to self promote yourself so you can get a real job after college? you are not a REAL BUCKEYE...

More from dannydavid: These two lantern guys who wrote this are @buckeyewriter23 @ZackMeisel , Lets make them have the worst day ever

ConradMorgan23: @ZackMeisel NEVER READ anything u ever do!

Meisel's graduating soon and will be reporting on the Indians for

ClevFanInAgony: @ZackMeisel so when you're an Indians reporter are you going to try and dig up dirt on them as well?


Well, then. Ohio, this is your press club.

Ray Small tells all: Ex-Buckeye says he sold memorabilia, some players don't 'think about' rules [The Lantern]

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