Our firm, Midwestern ethics have, to this point, disallowed us of the grand American tradition of sneaking into sporting events. The trick, we've heard, is to find a smoking section, and then slip in when the security guard isn't looking.

At least that's what three Ohio State students did for the BCS Championship Game, driving cross country without tickets and then slipping past the duped guard. And what a reward they received: The most dreary three hours in recent Ohio State football history.


Not surprisingly, some readers of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, which originally reported on the trip, were appalled — shocked! — by the students' malfeasance.

"What a disgusting message this presents to our nation's youth," wrote one reader. Another letter said, "I can't believe you'd glorify these guys on the front page of the newspaper. Sneaking into a game that other people paid thousands of dollars to see is grand theft ..."

You know, it's like people don't even remember what it's like to be in college anymore. Stealing is what it's all ABOUT.

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