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Today the Boston Red Sox opened up Fenway Park to begin an afternoon of self-congratulatory ring ceremonies and opening day festivities. Who would throw out the first pitch, though, was, kept secret until a couple hours before game time when the rumors started to appear online that it would be ... Bill Buckner. It's an odd moment; Buckner half-heartedly strolls out to the pitcher's mound, pulling his hands in and out of his pockets, a little unsure of exactly how he's supposed to react in this situation.

I guess it's not really the appropriate time where you sprint out to the mound, but dude, honestly, he's walking out there like he just let the ball go threw his legs again. Then again ... that is the only reason he's out there. So, in reality, he has to make that long fucking walk again (longer even) to get publicly, figuratively "forgiven" for something that wasn't even his fault in the first place. This almost seems like a cruel joke.

And also, it's not like this guy has been in a nuthouse for the past 22 years, stabbing a Bruce Hurst voodoo doll made out of toenails. Remember — he's been back to Fenway since the whole Mookie Wilson boot. He even played for the Red Sox again in 1990. So, sure this was a nice gesture and all to let the once chronically embittered Sox fans give this guy a completely orchestrated hero's welcome back, but it's a little late, don't you think? It wouldn't have surprised me at all had Bill Buckner just walked right out to the pitcher's mound, dropped his pants and deuced one right on the rosin bag.


In fact, he definitely would've been forgiven for that. At least, by the rest of the world.

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