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Bud Selig Is Trying Very Hard To Tolerate Your Bitching

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Bug Selig, rebel bad-ass that he is, is taking a little bit of a contentious stance against the backlash towards the MLB's exclusive deal with DirecTV. He referred to it as "a slight controversy, in some places," and he believes that the solution is for you to get off your broke ass and buy yourself a dish. Via The Sports Frog, from the Chicago Tribune:

"I've heard for years we have too much product out there," Selig said.

"Everywhere I've gone ... there's no market that has less than 350 to 400 [televised] games, and some [like Chicago] have quite a bit more than that. We have an enormous amount of product out there.

"As for this deal, what fascinates me is I have spent a lot of time going over it and trying to find out who can't get [DirecTV].

"We're down now to such small numbers, that I'm really wondering [about the fuss].

"... In a year or two, when people understand the significance of this deal ... everybody will understand it."


Ohhhhhhh, okay. See, here's what's happening: You don't understand how awesome Bud Selig is, because you are a weak-minded bitch. The solution is simple. If you live in an apartment building where you can't have a dish, just move. If you get your cable TV and internet in one package deal, just cancel it. If you've got a 2-year contract with some other company, just eat the cost. See? Simple.

And if all of that fails, just quit whining, you little pansy, because you have 162 local market games at your disposal, and if your favorite team doesn't happen to be your local team, then you're a greedy jackass to begin with.


See, don't worry, fans. Bud has your back. Even if you are a pansy.

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