Budding O's Star Gets Injured In Commercial Shoot. Of Course He Does.

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PECOTA's predictions had three different teams winning the AL East, as the formula was revised. The Orioles were not among the three. A story like this, which could only happen to a few teams, is a good reason why.

Brad Bergesen was a 2009 call-up, and quickly became Baltimore's most dependable starter. If he hadn't been hit by a comebacker and knocked out for the season in late July, he would've been in the Rookie of the Year discussion.


So it makes sense the O's would have featured him in their advertising. He filmed the commercial in December, but it wasn't revealed until Friday that Bergesen strained his shoulder throwing a pitch during the shoot and won't be able to participate in the beginning of spring training. Here's the ad:

Bergesen strained his throwing shoulder, and could miss 10 days of spring training.

Obviously, I hadn't picked up a ball. I'm kicking myself in the head about it. That's really what it was from. Not working on a mound up to that point," Bergesen said. "I just jumped up on the mound and gave it a go. I was trying to be game speed. I was trying to be realistic as possible with it.

"The production company that came in wanted it to be as realistic as possible. And I was trying to please, and I got caught up in a moment."


The O's have already changed their rules regarding shoots, and will now have medical personnel present. But to preserve the trade value of Bergesen and other prospects, maybe they should bar him from pitching in game situations altogether.

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