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Buddy Diliberto Wins The Weekend

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like all the dudes in dresses who came out to honor a former Saints broadcaster with a parade. Also known in New Orleans as "Sunday."

Seriously, that town throws a drag parade like three times a day, but it was a nice honor for the former WWL Radio announcer who once famously promised to "wear a dress and dance through the streets" if the Saints ever made it to the Super Bowl. Buddy D. died in 2005, but when the perpetually pickled Bobby Hebert took his place in the booth, he vowed to fulfill that promise. That's him, leading thousands of other "Who Drag" participants in a dress designed by his own daughter. Oooo-wee. That's a spicy chicken.


Remember, the Super Bowl hasn't actually happened yet. I can't imagine the parades that will take place next week—the week before Mardi Gras, mind you—if the Saints pull out a victory. Honestly, the parades will probably be even crazier if they don't. The whole state is understandably football crazy at the moment. Even Louisiana Senator David Vitter took time away from his hooker-hiring schedule to defend the "Who Dat" nation, daring the NFL to personally sue him over alleged trademark violations. The only thing these people take seriously is having fun.

Well, that and pretty dresses.

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