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Budweiser To Terrorize Hell's Kitchen With Super Bowl Hell Boat

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Tailgating will not be allowed at this year's Super Bowl, but fans will still have ample opportunity to turn the weekend into a boozy shitshow thanks to the Bud Light Hotel New York.

What is the Bud Light Hotel New York? It's a big-ass cruise liner on which thousands of people will get drunk and listen to musical acts like the Zac Brown Band and Fall Out Boy, and Budweiser plans to park it at a pier in Hell's Kitchen for four days leading up to the Super Bowl. As you might imagine, people who live in Hell's Kitchen are not too pleased with this plan.

From DNA Info:

"We are upset that we never heard of this," said CB4 chairwoman Christine Berthet at Monday night's meeting, after officials got wind of the plans through media reports.

CB4 officials said they now want the Economic Development Corporation, which manages the pier, to tell them the details.

"One of the problems is that we don't know much," said Elke Fears, president of the 47th/48th Streets Block Association. "If you know what to expect, you can prepare."


"Noise, noise, noise — it's the fear that we have with any of these clubs that open up, it's people going, getting drunk, making a lot of noise late at night. If the concert is open-air, it's even worse than if it was on the pier," said Fears. "It could be a long four days."


But it's not just the boat that residents will have to worry about. According to an official press release, Budweiser also plans on turning the area around the pier into a booze-and-bad-music-soaked hellscape:

To host parties befitting of the Big Apple, the Bud Light Hotel will extend beyond the cruise ship and include a full makeover of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum footprint. As part of the makeover, Bud Light will construct the Bud Light Hotel Amphitheatre – a heated concert venue across the street from the Intrepid that will host the weekend's nightly concerts and parties – and the Bud Light Hotel Lounge – a two-level, 1,500-person venue adjacent to the Intrepid – that will house hospitality activations during the day as well as late-night after-parties. In total, this year's Bud Light Hotel event space will encompass more than 300,000 square feet.


May god be with you, Hell's Kitchen.

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