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Bulgaria's soccer stars have been filing tax returns claiming they make the league minimum, and the Bulgarian IRS is investigating. But who tipped off the feds? Their WAGs, flaunting their wealth.

A full 261 players in Bulgaria's "A Grupa" are under scrutiny after declaring their salaries as the monthly minimum of 220 levs, or about $157. That doesn't gibe with the high life that their wives are leading:

Officials from the National Revenue Agency were impressed by the players' wives TV appearances, in which they don't miss to brag about the expensive cars of their husbands and all the possessions they have, reports say.


I think A Grupa needs a new players union, when some players are living it up while others are getting by on $1900 a year. Proof that capitalism doesn't work; under the old system, everyone would have been making the minimum, and every player would be driving a new Trabant.

Chatty Wives Blamed for Bulgaria Footballers Tax Probe [Sofia News Agency]

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