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Bulls GM Says Derrick Rose Will Be Back In Time For The Playoffs

Bulls general manager Gar Forman held a press conference today to debrief everyone on Derrick Rose's latest knee surgery, and from the sound of things, Rose may not be effectively dead (again) after all.


Forman said that the surgery, which removed the damaged portion of Rose's meniscus in his right knee, was a success and that Rose was able to walk out of the operating room on his own strength. Forman seemed very confident that Rose will be able to return in 4-6 weeks: "We anticipate 4-6 weeks as far as a recovery. We anticipate a full return to activity. This is an injury that's fairly common with NBA players or pro athletes, and a majority, most, are able to come back to competition, and it doesn't have any effect on their career."

This is all good news to hear, but if we've learned one thing from the many previous days spent wondering when the hell Derrick Rose is going to come back, it's that timetables don't mean too much to him. With that in mind, it's hard not to catch a slight whiff of tactical maneuvering on Forman's presser. If he's the first one in front of the press, rather unequivocally stating that Rose will be back before the season is over, it's going to be very hard for Rose to come out and say otherwise.

[CSN Chicago]

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