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Bumbling Package Thief Injures Leg, Is Rescued By Getaway Driver In Russell Wilson Jersey

Image via Q13 News
Image via Q13 News

Stealing packages seems like a scummy, straightforward two-person operation: One briskly walks up to the house, while the other keeps the car running. This one on Friday quickly fell apart due to an unforeseen variable: wet grass.

Right after this woman in Lynnwood, Wash. gathered up the mail, she slipped and fucked up her leg on the grass. That forced the driver—a swift man in a Russell Wilson jersey—to pick up his partner and carry her back to the car. He still went back to finish the job.

Here’s the security video, via Q13 News:


According to Q13, the Snohomish County sheriff’s office has identified the woman.


H/t to Nate

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