Byron Maxwell Had A Very Bad Night

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The Eagles threw a decent amount of money at Byron Maxwell this offseason, signing the former Seahawks cornerback to a $63 million contract with $22 million guaranteed. The team was banking on the 6-foot-1 Maxwell to use his physical play in coverage and turn into Philadelphia’s top corner. He’d probably like to forget his debut.


Maxwell had the unenviable task of covering Julio Jones last night for a large chunk of the game. Even the best corners in the league are bound to get burned by Jones from time to time, but Maxwell was especially terrible:

Sheesh. Maxwell’s strength is supposed to allow him to play tight on receivers and hassle them at the line, but that didn’t really work out when he got caught flat-footed, like this:

It’s unfair to judge any one corner based on a single game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fact that someone has already turned him into a crying Jordan meme:


To Maxwell’s credit, he handled his performance with a good amount of humor:

The good news is that he gets to play the Dez Bryant-less Cowboys next week. The bad news is that Philly fans might eat him alive if he gets smoked by Terrance Williams.


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