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BYU Gymnast Performs A Super Mario Bros.-Themed Floor Routine

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “I like college gymnastics but can it be more like a video game?”


Well, person who probably doesn’t exist, the answer is yes, yes it can.

Friday night, BYU gymnast Shannon Hortman-Evans did her floor routine to a melange of sounds from Super Mario Bros. at a meet against the University of Utah.

You’d be forgiven for not hearing any of the music from the routine since the commentator talked nonstop throughout the 90-second exercise. But at key moments, certain sounds like the Super Star theme and the famous coin ding break through her incessant commentary.

While I believe this is the first Super Mario Brothers floor routine performed in the NCAA, it’s hardly a first for unusual college gymnastics floor routines. In 2017, an Oklahoma gymnast performed a Syrian refugee crisis inspired exercise. Former Oregon State star Tasha Smith used to answer the phone during her floor routine. And there was iPhone ringtone in former UCLA Bruin Angi Cipra’s floor routine. (Phones in floor routines have clearly been a recurring theme.)

Friday night was not the first time that Hortman-Evans has made some unusual music and choreographic choices. In her routine from last season, the music switches from the Beach Boys to Hawaii Five-0 theme to Wipeout to Jaws and a shark attack.

More of this. Keep college gymnastics weird.

Dvora Meyers is a staff writer at Deadspin.