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C.J. Spiller Says Ryan Fitzpatrick Is "Probably The Best QB That I've Played With"

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C.J. Spiller joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss Thursday's victory over the Dolphins, his role in the offense, his quest for 1,000 yards, his offensive line and his quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

On how he felt after Thursday's game:
"Of course I'm a little banged up, but to be honest there's nothing major. I'm feeling actually pretty good."


On why it's taken so long for the Bills to give him a workload like the one he been getting:
"When you have another guy like Fred Jackson, another playmaker on offense, it's hard to do it. And I knew that coming in. Coach Gailey had already sat both me and Fred down and told us that we weren't going to get as many touches [as] we want, so my mind set coming in was, ‘Whenever you get an opportunity just take advantage of it.' And that's pretty much what I try to do each Sunday."

On if running for 1,000 yards is important to him:
"It's important, but to me, making the playoffs is more important. That's one of my goals. I've never done it since I've been in the league, so it'd be great. … Making the postseason, to me, is the most important thing that's on my mind right now."

On if he has to buy gifts for his offensive linemen if he rushes for 1,000 yards:
"I do. And those guys need to be rewarded, because they're blocking their tails off right now and giving me running lanes and also giving our quarterback time to throw the ball. If we give Fitzpatrick time to throw the ball he's a smart enough guy, he can make some great decisions. … Those guys are playing well, and the biggest thing is that they're all staying healthy. So that's going to be the key for us going forward."

On if Ryan Fitzpatrick brags about being a Harvard grad:
"He doesn't. I give him a hard time about it but I love him to death. He's probably the best quarterback that I've played with. … Because on my runs, if I ever bounce it, I know if my quarterback's out there he's going to try to throw me a block. You don't see many quarterbacks doing that in this league, so that's why I have his back. Because that guy goes to battle for you."


This post, written by Brad Gagnon, appears courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews. For the complete highlights of the interview, as well as audio, click here.

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