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C-Roll Stash: In Which Unspeakable Things Happen To A Flagpole At A NASCAR Tailgate (NSFW)

We're almost to the halfway point of the "C-roll" stash and this portion picks up just where we left off last night, with more bleacher boinking and boob-flashing and ice cream cone fellatio coming at you as quickly as the Eddie Van Halen finger-tapping solo accompanying it. Once the song ends, the taped-over footage of several VCRs appears for several seconds, then, right about the 2:08 mark, it cuts to some eye-popping self-love shit happening on top of an RV at what appears to be a NASCAR event.

No, we don't actually know if it is the poor flag-less pole we referenced in the headline but since most NASCAR tailgate caravans have vehicles adorned with them, we'll go with it. There is also no feed from the broadcast booth to give us clues about when and where this race took place. It sounds like there's some live-feed audio in there somewhere but it has been replaced by some frantic key-tar jazz soloing overdubbed onto the footage by one former C-Roll owner. We can only hope the shirtless man in cutoff jean shorts hovering over the woman was not the flagpole's owner, because that would take some serious elbow grease and Clorox to clean off the chlamydia.

We've received some other insights into the origins of the C-Roll, especially from a former or current member of sports media who told us this:

Hi fellas,

I haven't watched the video yet, but it sounds an awful lot like the old ESPN sex tape. Editors used to dump the best ones onto a tape, & it was probably around 20-30 minutes. I know the Red Sox one was on there, & I think there was a Seattle Seahawks/Raiders one there too from 1998 or so. That football one actually made the hilite - not the sex part but the couple sitting there after the action.

Probably doesn't help much, but that may be the lineage of the tape.

One cameraman's "C-roll" is another's "ESPN sex tape." The mystery remains.

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