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Steve Coburn, one of the owners of California Chrome, was furious about horses being allowed into the Belmont Stakes without racing the previous races in the Triple Crown. He called Tonalist's victory the "coward's way out." A day later, Coburn's still fuming about the loss.


Most of the interview above is the same bluster as last night—you may have to turn up your volume, the audio's bad—but Coburn had some notably weird analogies for advantages in horse racing:

If you go to Baskin Robbins and ask for a triple scoop, and you get one, you're going to be upset about that.

The Triple Crown's like ice cream. OK. Wait, there's another:

It wouldn't be fair if I played basketball with a child in a wheelchair, because I've got the upper advantage.


In that one, Tonalist is Steve Coburn, and California Chrome is a child in a wheelchair who has won his first two pickup games?

These comparisons aren't really getting a clear point across—aside from the understood fact that Coburn is mad—but I hope there are more of them.


[The Blood-Horse]

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