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Andrew Nisbet, a junior golf coach from Livermore, Cal., was arrested Saturday while working and charged with 65 felony counts related to alleged molestation of his students.


Nisbet was a director of instruction at Las Positas Golf Course and the GRIP Junior Golf Academy. According to officials, Nisbet's victims were male students in the age range of 12-17 years old. The reported incidents occurred from Dec. 2009 through March 2012.

The 65 charges include lewd acts on a child and arranging sexual meetings with minors. From the San Jose Mercury News:

Police said the victims' coach allegedly performed oral sex with them in his home and in his car while showing them pornography on his computer and on his smartphone. Other sex acts allegedly took place in the golf course's parking lot and during out-of-town golfing trips.

"He befriended them as the cool coach, gave them rides to and from practice and bought them gifts, including top-of-the-line golf equipment," Goard said. "He created a coach-athlete bond and, as he did, was figuring out who he could get away with it with."


Police are currently looking for any additional victims, and if so, Nisbet will face more counts.

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